All you need to know about working online 2020

    All you need to know about working online 2020
    All you need to know about working online 2020

    All you need to know about working online

    The Arab world is currently going through difficult economic conditions, which has led to a lack of job opportunities for graduates and low income. Therefore, many individuals resort to earning money from other countries in return for completing electronic tasks.
    This is specifically the so-called profit via the Internet, if you are one of the people who want to start in this field, you should read this article first to learn where to start!

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    All you need to know about working online 2020

    How can I start making money right now?

    If you are a beginner, and you are trying hard to get started but you do not know where to start, take these tips first:
    • Choose reliable platforms and sites so that you will not be exposed to fraud.
    • Specialization in one area and innovate in it and develop yourself and your skills, better than the multiplicity of your fields without presenting something special.
    • Organize your time. Yes, you may have more than one project at the same time. Therefore, time management is the secret of completing your tasks nicely and completely.
    • Rely on reliable sources in your work, and make sure that your work is free from plagiarism.
    Now, after you know the foundations that you will rely on in your work, let’s start working!
    If you do not have any experience in any field, here are some ways that you can make money:
    • YouTube: Create your own channel, and post anything that might attract people to follow you, such as sports activities, the games you liked, the best devices you used, and so on.
    • Amazon influencers: If you are one of the people who have a large number of followers on social media platforms, then be one of the influencers on Amazon, all you have to do is to offer and recommend Amazon products, in exchange for taking 8-10% of the purchases of people who They clicked on the site from your account.
    • Social networking sites: Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., can be used to market specific products for the benefit of a person or company.
    But you are absolutely sure that your expertise in any field will make you the best candidate for work. We will now address the platforms that you can enter, both Arab and foreign.

    All you need to know about working online 2020

    What is the best online earning platform?

    There are many platforms according to the variety of services they provide, and their nationality, there are many Arab platforms such as:
    khamsat: It is one of the Arab platforms that are famous for providing various services for only five dollars.
    Independent: An independent platform provides many projects in various fields, for example, but not limited to translation, writing, design, development, and others.
    Nabbesh: One of the platforms very similar to Independent, as they share the same mechanism of work, and it includes thousands of projects from all over the Arab world.
    Picallica: It is the first platform of its kind in the Arab world, as it is specialized in designing and developing templates only.
    As for the foreign and international platforms, they are very many and varied, the most important of which are:
    Freelancer: a very large platform, and it can be said that it is the largest platform on the global level, including services of various kinds.
    Upwork: one of the most trusted platforms, as it sets many conditions for individuals to be a part of it, so when installing a project on this platform, make sure that the results will be very satisfactory.
    Fiverr: A platform that provides microservices, as it provides the services provided by other platforms, but at reduced prices.
    • PeoplePerHour: This platform allows individuals to log in only for one hour per day, to allow others to have projects.
    Skyworld: A specialized platform in the field of marketing and creating advertising campaigns. All of those included in this platform are photographers, marketers, and creatives.
    99Design: As for this platform, it differs from the previous one by its specialization in the field of design only.
    Thus, you can select the platform that suits you best to achieve your goals, whether you have experience or without it, in both cases you will find what suits you, but you must be careful when using the platform because you are not exposed to fraud.

    What do you need to know before starting a job?

    There are many things that you must keep in mind while working on platforms, both Arab and foreign, and they are as follows:
    • Don’t worry if you don’t get your first job quickly, everyone has gone through it.
    • Get close to your friends who started on the platforms before you, their experience will definitely benefit you.
    • Set the rate for your word and hour on each platform.
    • Do not accept all offers, accept only what suits you, which will add to you and your experience.
    • It is okay to present magical samples for clients to see your business.
    Never stop! Continue it will arrive someday, but you have to make the effort to arrive.

    Self-employment platforms are one of the most important means by which individuals can make money and develop their expertise and themselves, while at home, you may need long hours at the beginning, but you will definitely achieve your goal.

    All you need to know about working online 2020

    All you need to know about working online 2020


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