Beware, you are infected with Coronavirus, and do not know !!


    Beware, you are infected with Corona virus, and do not know !!

    In light of the great spread and encroachment of the emerging corona virus, which began from the state of China, then spread at lightning speed to all parts of the world and results in millions of injuries and deaths, experts in infectious diseases said yesterday, Saturday, that there is a possibility that the Corona virus has infected huge numbers of People around the world without feeling any symptoms and without realizing that they are already infected, before taking measures and precautionary measures to prevent this virus from applying lockdown measures in various countries of the world since mid-March.

    Amish Adalja, an expert in infectious diseases, and a senior researcher at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in the United States of America, said that the majority of people with Covid-19 disease have a simple case of infection with this disease, which cannot find clear differences between it and the flu or colds. , Stressing that, unfortunately, there is no sure way to reveal whether the disease that spread last winter was a common cold or really a Corona virus, and no one knows this because it was not yet discovered.

    However, there are still signs that reveal a possible infection of people with the Coronavirus without realizing their infection, and the most prominent of these signs are:

    Hair loss

    The majority of people who have recovered from the Corona virus confirmed that they had experienced hair loss problems, so expert Adalja reports that hair loss refers to several different things, including weight loss, fatigue, severe stress or infection with the Coronavirus.

    Feeling overwhelmed

    A study reported that 53% of people with corona revealed that they suffer from extreme fatigue and fatigue, after the symptoms of infection appeared on them after 60 days, and doctor Adalja explained that the reason for feeling fatigue and tiredness is the response of the patient’s immune system to the virus, or perhaps the reason is how it reacts The virus and its spread in the body.

    Catch cold

    A group of scientists took the initiative to take swabs and samples from the throat of people suspected of having influenza in the United States of America and China, which they took during the past winter, to show the results with them that there is one case of coronavirus, corresponding to two cases of influenza, indicating that it is difficult to identify the clear differences between Corona and colds, due to the similar symptoms of infection between them, but the common cold sometimes does not lead to severe headache or shortness of breath.

    shortness of breath

    Some research has found that there is a possibility that people with Covid-19 disease may feel difficult and short of breath, and the reason for this is the occurrence of severe infections in the lungs.

    lose the sense of taste and smell

    The most important characteristic that distinguishes a person with Coronavirus from the common cold is the disruption of the function of the sense of taste and smell and the difficulty of distinguishing between the taste and smells of things due to the strength of the virus in the human body, but these two senses can also be temporarily lost when suffering from respiratory diseases such as sinus infections, or influenza, or Cold or seasonal allergies.

    A persistent severe cough

    One of the most prominent signs of infection with the Coronavirus is the person’s exposure to a persistent cough, which is often dry, and which is not accompanied by mucus or phlegm.
    And 43% of people infected with the Coronavirus were detected that they had a chronic cough after detection, for a period ranging from two weeks to 21 days.

    Chronic symptoms that do not go away
    Due to the novelty of the Coronavirus for doctors, there are still signs and symptoms that are still mysterious to them, such as the exposure of some people with Covid-19 disease after their infection to heart problems.

    Beware, you are infected with Corona virus, and do not know !!

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