5 daily habits that harm your brain.

daily habits
daily habits

5 daily habits that harm your brain.

Everywhere you look, books, blogs, websites, and TV shows fill us with advice on how to live, breathe, exercise, or eat healthy food. Your body’s health is well taken care of, but what about your mind?

We are not saying that there is no truth to these healthy lifestyle advisors, but with all the attention we pay to our body we must not forget our brain health and fitness, so many of us fall into the trap of bad habits that destroy our minds every day.

We have outlined 5 habits that you should quit if your mind dear to you:

daily habits

  1. Too much salt

After all these years of warning campaigns against sugar, you should add another ingredient to the list: which is salt, as a study published in the journal JAMA Neurology revealed that salt is one of the factors contributing to high blood pressure, and indeed, research has shown that eating large amounts of salt can That increases the risk of developing high blood pressure, which in turn can lead to slight cognitive impairment, and increase the risk of stroke, and a high risk of stroke can cause severe damage to the brain.

2. Sleep deprivation

Science has yet to fully discover how much your mind needs sleep, but does it really need science to know this? Who doesn’t know the feeling after a bad night’s sleep? Lack of focus, slow attention period, mood away from the best behavior are all just a few of the things that should be mentioned here.

 Moreover, the constant lack of sleep damages your memory as well, and it has long-term effects on your mind. This is because while you sleep the mechanisms work hard, which saves you from toxic by-products that accumulate in your mind throughout the day, and the lack of sleep means that these mechanisms cannot be activated in a way. Sufficient, and thus you fail to clean your mind of harmful substances, if these substances are not eliminated, they begin to accumulate in your brain and can lead to severe damage.

3. Bad hearing

It is your precious ears that suffer the most from the noise around us in the modern era.

 How peaceful people’s ears should have been in ancient times in order not to be exposed to more than the singing of birds or the ringing of church bells at times, today your ears have a lot to bear – constant exposure to noise: subway roaring, car honking, music in the supermarket, in headphones Cape, construction sites are everywhere.

The noise level is insanely high, and it is driving your ears crazy as well: according to the latest results, the hearing loss is increasing continuously. Since a study conducted at Johns Hopkins University found that hard of hearing people have a 30-40% higher risk of falling victim to cognitive decline, so it is more sophisticated to protect your ears as much as you can. For example, audiologists offer specially designed earplugs for your ears that protect you from excessive noise levels.

4. Too much food

Advice on how to eat healthily is actually of great value to the health of your body as well as the mind. A study published in Neurology in 2012 examined (6000) people whose average age was 50 years, after 10 years the same participants were examined again and the results showed Those who are overweight have a 22% decline in their cognitive function compared to their lean counterparts.

5. Isolation

Feeling lonely does not necessarily mean that there are not many friends, sometimes people who have many friends can feel lonely as is the case with many things in life.

Being alone can enhance feelings of loneliness, causing stress, and inflammatory processes in the brain. A study conducted at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago with the participation of more than 100 people, all over 80 years old, revealed that those with the least social connections were suffering from the most cognitive decline. Sharpness.

Certainly, the health of your brain depends on a variety of factors, and while you cannot control your genetic predisposition, you can control other things that can help you stay healthy. We want to encourage you to take care of your brain health, and understand how important it is to your well-being. Your mind is really your most valuable friend – treat it this way: a happy brain means you are happy

daily habits

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5 daily habits that harm your brain.

daily habits



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