How can I gain weight in healthy ways 2020

How can I gain weight in healthy ways

How can I gain weight in healthy ways

If you suffer from a lot of overweight, there are those who suffer from it and who are looking for a way to help him gain weight and get a similar body.

Excessive thinness is not considered a healthy and beautiful thing. On the contrary, it can cause many health problems, including:

1- Constant feeling of tiredness and fatigue.
2- Lack of energy level in the body and the inability to perform or work.
3- Lack of concentration and complete performance of the required daily activities.
4- The possibility of developing a deficiency of one of the important vitamins or minerals as a result of insufficient access to healthy rich foods, especially calcium, whose deficiency may cause osteoporosis, fractures, and muscle pain.
5- A high risk of developing anemia due to the low level of iron in the blood.
6- Immune weakening and the possibility of infection and inflammation are greater.
7- Excessive thinness affects hair, skin, and nails negatively due to the lack of nutrients for them.

How can I gain weight in healthy ways

What are the reasons for not gaining a healthy weight?

1- Thyroid problems.
2- Problems absorbing food, so you do not benefit from eating.
3- Genetics: Some people have a fast metabolism rate, and they are less likely to gain weight than others.
4- Psychological factors and depression, which affect the appetite and work to change the healthy eating pattern.
5- Excessive fatigue and fatigue.
6- Some diseases lead to thinness, so you must consult your doctor about the correct treatment and method of feeding.
7- Some drugs that reduce appetite and reduce weight.
8- Smoking and alcohol.

How can I gain weight in healthy ways

Gain weight healthy.

Some people may try to gain weight by eating large amounts of sugars or fast food, but this is wrong, as it affects human health, so there are healthy ways to gain weight.


1- Increase the calories consumed, as more calories must be consumed than lost during the day to gain weight, start by increasing 500 calories per day until you reach 1000 calories, and from healthy foods that contain high calories: whole milk, honey, a cup of fresh juice, butter Peanuts.

2- Increase foods that contain carbohydrates, such as bread, potatoes, and whole grains, and increase the intake of lean proteins such as meat and fish.

3- Avoid saturated fats in veal, lamb, and fried foods, and more healthy fats found in nuts and avocados.

4- It is advised to eat every 2-3 hours and not to force the breath when feeling full, and it is also recommended to use large eating utensils.

5- Gradually increase the amount of food because a sudden increase may cause digestive problems.

6- Not to drink water before eating or eating salad and vegetables with food, because it leads to satiety.

How can I gain weight in healthy ways

Some foods to gain weight:

  • Whole milk and yogurt
  • Dark chocolate
  • Starches and pasta
  • Nuts
  • Meat and fish
  • Eggs can be eaten as a kaumlet to get more calories, as it consists of mashed potatoes and a variety of vegetables and types of cheese, as well as a great source of protein.
    Bread, especially wheat bread
  • Mashed potatoes: Potatoes are carbohydrates and contain high calories and a lot of vitamines, so they are used to gain weight and they contain fiber that is useful for the digestive system, but it should be avoided by fried and can be eaten grilled or boiled.

Doing exercises to gain weight

Exercise also leads to weight loss, as well as choosing appropriate exercises that help gain weight.
The goal of exercise here is to increase muscle mass in the body instead of increasing the percentage of fat and thus gain weight in a healthy way.

One of the most important exercises for weight gain is lifting weights, as it is recommended to do a weight training exercise two or three times a week, taking into account the gradual weight gain to avoid the risk of injuries.

As for cardio and aerobic exercises, it is recommended to reduce them, but they can be practiced a little in order to tighten the body and get a beautiful appearance.

Care must be taken to be realistic and rational when deciding to gain weight, as genetics and genetic factors play an important role in weight problems, and the process must be gradual and healthy to avoid diseases.

How can I gain weight in healthy ways

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How can I gain weight in healthy ways


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