How can you work motivation at home

How can you work motivation at home

How can you work motivation at home

Your circumstances force you to work from home, How can you work motivation at home?
How do you keep your activity while you work from home?

It is likely that many employees around the world have worked from home during the current crisis, « the Corona pandemic, » which raises the challenge that many employees face to maintain their usual productivity, as it will be a new experience for them.

I tried some tips that will keep you motivated while doing your work from home, and they were:

Preparing the environment around you:

• The first thing you have to consider is avoiding your bed, or rather leaving your bedroom completely when you work. It would be great if you had a study room or a spare room, so that you can put all the things related to work in it.
Ensure the workspace is not in front of the TV or any other distraction.
• If you can’t find anything from what I mentioned, it would be a great idea to make the dining table a work space for you.
Say goodbye to sleep pajamas when you start work, and put on your regular daytime clothes.

Don’t break the timeline:

• In an effort to monitor and manage your time at work, keep the clock around you. Or set the timer; To find out how much time you spent at work.
• Manage your tasks, and arrange them separately in order of priority.
• Organize your day and divide your tasks wisely instead of being nervous to finish everything in one go.
The most important thing is to know when your day will end.

Eating and sleeping habits:

Reward yourself and take a short break:
• Take a small break and walk for 10 minutes, to get your circulation moving.
Reward yourself by eating snacks that you like.
Talk to your family members.
• Stand on your balcony and breathe in the fresh air.

Say yes to exercise:
• Try to sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours.
Wake up early to avoid potential trouble.
• Eat light meals because heavy meals will make you sleepy.
Avoid drinking too much tea and coffee.
• Continue to drink more water to stay hydrated.

You have to understand that when you do your work from home, you have stopped doing many of the physical activities that your body used to like walking, traveling … etc, so try to try some exercises to maintain a level of motivation and high energy for you.

Proper communication:

• Keep your family members informed about your schedule in the near future, so that they know what times you will be available to eat or go on some trips with them.

Achieving a balance between personal and professional life:
• Rate and schedule your personal off work.
Avoid work on weekends, and let it be a period of recovery and rest.
Avoid personal conversations during your working hours.
Say no to distracting focus.

There are pros and cons to doing the work from home, while working in the company people will be more enthusiastic; Because of the environment and the people around them. But there are also a lot of limitations, as you have to be punctual and have fewer distractions.

So it is important to follow the tips above while working from home to maintain productivity and motivation.

Usually, when we are in our comfort zone, we have more fun doing our work, but that doesn’t mean that that comfort zone becomes an obstacle in our productivity path.

How can you work motivation at home

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How can you work motivation at home

How can you work motivation at home


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