How do I get a perfect body of 2020?

How do I get a perfect body 2020?

How do I get a perfect body of 2020?

Many people strive to reach a healthy and ideal body, especially women, as women are naturally concerned with themselves and their shape, especially the fitness of their bodies, and they are always keen to follow the habits they reach to get the perfect body shape. In this article, we will talk about How do I get a perfect body 2020?

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How do I get a perfect body 2020?

1- Make sure to eat vegetables and fruits in abundance because of the fibers in them in order to fill the stomach and thus help reach a state of satiety for a long time in addition to supplying the body with vitality. Vitamins and minerals needed for this.

2- To reduce sitting in front of the TV or the personal computer screen for more than two hours, as studies have shown that watching TV for a long period leads to an increase in calories in addition to that this habit opens the appetite and thus consumes more food during the sitting period.

3- Seeking help from friends, family and relatives to provide psychological and moral support to reduce food intake.

4- Stay away from fast food that is full of saturated fats and harmful to the body, as well as frying pans because they contain high calories and are of no use to the body in addition to the person feeling hungry after eating them in a short period.

5- Walking daily with at least five thousand steps by going to work in addition to doing other daily activities, taking care to gradually increase the number of steps to reach the ideal weight. In addition, walking increases good cholesterol and controls blood pressure.

6- Weight your body regularly to monitor its changes and take steps to achieve an ideal weight based on the measured weight.
7- Drink plenty of water, including at least eight glasses a day. This step will eliminate excess fat accumulated in the body and thus achieve the ideal weight.

8- Exercise regularly and at least three times a week. This step works to tighten the body, get rid of excess fat, and get a perfect body.

9- Eat a plate of vegetable soup on a daily basis, as this dish provides the body with the vitamins it needs, in addition to filling the stomach and feeling full.

10- Drink green tea after meals because of its ability to burn fats and get rid of them.

11- Stay away from eating high-calorie sweets, as they can be replaced with a healthy and delicious fruit salad. Replace full-fat milk and dairy products with low-fat ones and avoid butter, jam, and other high-calorie foods.

12- Avoid drinking nutritious drinks and sweetened and sugar-filled juices and replace them with nutritious natural juices.

How do I know the ideal weight for my body ?

The ideal weight varies greatly from one person to another, as determining the appropriate weight depends on accurate calculations that take into account the person’s gender, height, current weight, body fat percentage, and others according to the method.

Weight measuring tools for ideal height

This is one of the easiest and most popular methods of determining the ideal weight. This method is often used with young men and women over the age of twenties and excludes those who are older due to the inclusion of other considerations in determining the ideal weight such as aging and hormonal changes. This method is based on entering the person’s current weight and height data in an equation to obtain the current weight index and compare the result with the ideal indicators .

How do I get a perfect body 2020?

Formula ideal weight for height:
Ideal weight index = weight/height
2, where data are entered in kilograms and height in meters.
Perfect weight indicators for height: Excessive thinness comes under the index of 18.5.
The ideal weight ranges from 18.6 to 24.9.
Simple weight gain ranges from 25 to 29.9. Obesity starts at 30 and increases. For example, if a person weighs 72 kg and has a body length of 170 cm, then their ideal weight in relation to their height will be calculated as follows:

How do I get a perfect body 2020?

The ideal weight index = 72 / (1.70) 2 = 24.2 By comparing this result with the ideal weight indicators mentioned above, we find that this person falls within the ideal weight index. Hanoi Index to measure the ideal weight This index takes into account the differences between male and female while determining the ideal weight, taking into account the muscular nature of the man’s body without indifference to the nature of the age group, through a simple equation for men and women. For a man, ideal weight = 48 + 2.7 kg per inch over 5 feet. For women, ideal weight = 45.5 + 2.2 kg for each over 5 feet.

How do I get a perfect body 2020?

How do I get a perfect body 2020?

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How do I get a perfect body 2020?

How do I get a perfect body 2020?


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