How do you update your messenger to the latest version 2020?

How do you update your messenger to the latest version
How do you update your messenger to the latest version

Most of the companies are moving in recent times to introduce several updates to the programs, in order to satisfy users, and to impart new features that attract more people.
Facebook has introduced a new amendment to Messenger, where the color of the icon changes to similar colors to the Instagram icon. Is this evidence of a new connection between the two programs, or is it just a coincidence? What are the characteristics that are included in the new update? This is what we will address in this article.

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How do I connect to Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is one of the basic programs that must be downloaded with Facebook, through it you can chat with Facebook friends, in addition to creating groups, or video calls, this program supports all systems such as Android (Android), iOS, and others. .
You can also register only on Messenger without Facebook, through an e-mail or mobile phone number, which is why Messenger was able to reach nearly a billion users in its first years.
It is known that Elvis has bought Instagram and WhatsApp in the past few years, but it recently changed the blue Messenger icon, to another that bears many colors similar to those in the Instagram icon, so why did it do that?

New icon and updates

The sudden change of color of the icon, without warning, surprised many users, which led to Stan Chudnovsky, Vice President of Facebook Messenger, and Adam Mosseri, President of Instagram, declared that this is a form of integration that was announced Reported on September 30th.
This integration aims to combine the characteristics of the two programs greatly, to the extent that allows you to enjoy your experience regardless of the program you use, and thus the objectives behind changing the icon color become clear.
Integration is simply the ability of Messenger users to reach you without the need to download other programs, but in return, calls, photos and other personal data will remain in each program separately.

Features of the new update

The new update has many advantages, the most important of which are:
• You can now watch video and TV shows together during a call.
• You can use the « Vanish Mode » feature, which consists in completely erasing the message after seeing it or leaving the conversation.
• You can create your own stickers.
• You can change the chat colors to new ones that were not before.
• You can forward the message to five of your friends.
• You can specify who can contact you directly, and block others.
• You can report specific conversations and not just people.

It is worth noting that this update will be launched in the United States of America first, and then it will spread to the rest of the world after making sure of its perfection, first on iPhone devices that support iOS, followed by the rest of the devices.
Thus, Facebook was able to attract the attention of users and attract their focus, so they can wait for the new update that will be released in the coming days, as everyone is waiting for it to try and enjoy it.


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