How to take care of your teeth

How to take care of your teeth

How to take care of your teeth, There is no doubt that dental care is one of the priorities and basics that must be taught to the child, given its importance to all aspects of his health, whether physical, psychological, or mental health, as well as aesthetics, as dental health, is related to the health of the body as a whole, and therefore it must be taken care of by eating healthy foods and drinks, and following the studied lifestyle that limits damage to the mouth, in addition to paying attention to oral and dental hygiene, and regular follow-up to the doctor, and given the importance of the issue of dental care for children, we chose to review all methods of care, in addition to defining the problem of tooth decay, which is One of the most common problems among people of different ages, especially in childhood and adolescence, and we will provide advice that guarantees oral health in general in this article.

How to maintain oral and dental health 2020

The importance of dental care

The primary teeth give a beautiful shape to the child’s face, and help guide the permanent teeth to their proper and correct position and place, and are of utmost importance and necessity for the child to learn to eat and speak, and therefore it is important to pay attention and take good care of them, and with regard to the composition of the mouth, jaw and teeth of the child in its stages First, the primary teeth have a light enamel or (a thin, hard, white substance that covers the tooth) than the permanent teeth, meaning that they are more susceptible to the problem of decay in early childhood, which can begin even before the appearance of the first tooth, so that decay occurs due to bacteria, and it occurs easily. Greater if sugary fluids get to the teeth, such as formula, regular milk, juice, and even breast milk.

With regard to the accompanying effect of tooth decay in early childhood on the child’s health, this causes him pain, which makes it difficult for your child to sleep, eat, or even speak, and it can also affect the child’s ability to focus, learn and comprehend, given that children who Suffering from tooth decay at an early age are more likely to suffer from it throughout childhood.

What is the best dental routine?

There are many ways to take care of and maintain dental health in general, including:

  • Take care to choose a suitable toothbrush, and medical toothpaste rich in fluoride, as it does not irritate the gums and does not lead to bleeding, given that fluoride is a natural component that helps prevent tooth decay and protects its formation, especially in the early stages of life, so we find it added to the infectious water in In many countries, as well as to toothpaste and mouthwash, with the need to commit to brushing the teeth at least twice a day, in the morning and evening, preferably after eating the main meals, snacks, as well as drinks, especially if they are contained. High in sugar.
  • Limiting the intake of foods that harm dental health and health in general, including sweets, candies, chocolates, and harsh foods that lead to breakage of teeth, and it is also recommended to thoroughly wash the teeth after consuming natural juices such as lemon juice, because it contains compounds that damage tooth enamel and weaken it. .
  • Ensure regular follow-up and visit the doctor every six months at least, whether the person is in childhood, adolescence, or after puberty, and also the teeth must be cleaned by the doctor, to get rid of plaque or tartar accumulated above the teeth and mills, which in turn causes gingivitis , And the teeth are broken.

What is included in routine dental care?

  • Using a medicinal lotion designed to get rid of bacteria and germs that have accumulated due to eating different foods, which in turn helps to get rid of the bad smell of the mouth, as long as this smell is not emanating from the stomach.
  • Adopting healthy and appropriate lifestyle habits, including completely quitting smoking, which causes oral and gum cancer, yellowing of the teeth and mouth problems in general.
  • Using floss to remove the tiny growths between the teeth that work on decay, at least once.
  • Eat healthy foods, including those that contain fiber, minerals, vitamins, acids, and other important compounds for the body, as the lack of various elements in the body will lead to breakage of the teeth and weakening their structure, especially calcium and vitamin D, and therefore it must be eaten Milk, dairy, cheese, meat, and more.
  • Drink enough and abundant amounts of water daily, as it moisturizes the mouth, prevents its dryness, reduces sores, bacteria and germs, and cleans the stomach from toxins that are directly reflected on oral health.
  • tooth decay
  • Tooth decay is one of the most common and widespread oral problems among a large group of people, as it affects about 3.9 billion people around the world, equivalent to 44% of the global population, and therefore this is a serious indicator that calls for concern, as caries is caused by a lack of Hygiene and care, poor nutrition, and unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as eating harmful foods, smoking, drugs, alcohol, and others. Excessive consumption of sugars along with soft drinks is a major cause of caries (3), and below we will review its most serious complications on the body And the most obvious symptoms are:


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