Four Secrets to Increase Your Focus Skills 2020

Increase Your Focus Skills

Four Secrets to Increase Your Focus Skills 2020

When you’re busy writing on your desk and something pops up, then you might not think about how the distraction affects you – you just give it your attention, ten minutes, and fifteen minutes, and when you get back to work – you have no idea where you left off.
Many people complain of difficulty concentrating. Whether you’re studying for an exam, listening to a friend, or getting on with a task – it’s common to struggle to be in the moment and still pick all of your tasks off your daily to-do list. Many people try to manage their time with apps, gadgets, blackboards next to the fridge and sticky notes on computer screens – But they are still finishing the day and there are many unfinished tasks and half-completed projects.

Let’s look at the common causes of concentration difficulties.

  1. Multitasking
    In our fast-paced world, which is the time when money is constantly pushing us to do more things simultaneously, there are two phases of multitasking known in the scientific world as “task switching” called the first phase or “goal shifting” which is making a decision to do one thing. Instead of another, followed by « activating the rule », which is the change from the rules of the previous mission to the new rules.

A study by Mayer, Evans, and Rubinstein found that people lose a significant amount of time when switching between multiple tasks and lose more time as the tasks become more complex. Furthermore, too many multitasking trains your brain to have a shorter, less efficient attention span.

  1. Lack of sleep
    Insufficient sleep has been clearly linked to car accidents, industrial disasters, and workplace hazards. An estimated 50-70 million American adults have a diagnosed sleep disorder and the most common side effect is difficulty concentrating.

Research shows that losing just one hour of sleep at night equates to losing two years of maturity and cognitive development. If you suffer from a lack of sleep on a regular basis, you are more likely to have persistent difficulties with concentration.

  1. Boredom and lack of challenge
    Doing the same task over and over is boring, look at a child (or adult) with ADHD – if you ask them to repeat the same exercise for the hundredth time they won’t focus, give them a new, fun, and challenging project and suddenly they won’t be able to do anything else because they’re focused Strongly.

When we are faced with a lack of diversity or a challenge, the brain works to conserve energy and time by paying less attention. In other words, when we are bored, we cannot focus. Mix your tasks by making them new – ask for new tasks at work, study with a friend and not alone, or do your weekly shopping in a different supermarket.

  1. Stress
    As Hans Seele once said, “Adopting the right attitude can convert negative pressure into positive pressure.” It is all about how you deal with stress. A little pressure can leave you unmotivated while too much can prevent rational thinking, but the right amount of pressure. It can help improve performance. Anyone approaching an imminent deadline with an increasingly long to-do list knows exactly what this means.

Be the master of your own mind

Although you have a lot to do today and every day, try to get enough sleep, do not stress too much, work on one task at a time, and keep the brain stimulated, to help you focus, a healthy, balanced lifestyle is the key to success, it may be normal to face difficulties In attention, but it will certainly not be beneficial to your future success.

Four Secrets to Increase Your Focus Skills 2020

Increase Your Focus Skills

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Increase Your Focus Skills



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