The most important ways to eliminate negative thinking for 2020

negative thinking
negative thinking

I am surrounded by negative colleagues, sympathetic relatives, in newspapers and magazines with negative words, with media that increases my negative spirit.

How can I be the only positive person in this great sea of ​​negativity?

Usually negative thinking takes a person to dark corners, and very disturbing areas, and affects his daily activities, and makes him confined to this way of thinking, and this thinking affects sleep, which leads to interrupted sleep and makes the possibility of sleep difficult, and you cannot continue and live with this energy.

in time you may be exposed to many negative thoughts from your surroundings, and when you adopt them within you, and you repeat them constantly, the following will happen:

When a clip of a certain painful song is stuck in your mind, its frequency will remain all the time, and the mind has prepared to enter into it a repeated episode of this song or the negative thought in general, according to psychology and its studies, you should hear the whole song in order to be able to extract this song from your mind, This is how the mind can calm down and reach the end, to think of something else, and this is exactly what happens when your mind enters a negative thought. You must search for an end by which your mind calms down and reaches the end of the thought.

How can I work to completely eliminate negative thinking?

You must discuss the idea between you and yourself: Start by discussing the idea between you and yourself and you have to reach with your mind to a stage in which you clarify that you are not in a difficult situation and can deal with it, so you as a person can assume the worst possibility with thoughts and convince your mind that you can deal with this possibility, and with this possibility you can To calm the mind, and this possibility that you assumed will not happen when you reach the last stage, which is calming the mind.

Training to eliminate negative thinking completely

In 2020 we coexist and live. It is possible that this year will be full of negative matters such as the Corona delinquent and the house stone that accompanied it and the consequent loss of some individuals the daily income on which the whole house is based, and you are thinking in fear of losing your source of income, which is your job, this idea The negativity that is very clear in this year, and this idea may cause you not to perform the job duties required of you, this is what causes you to lose the job and not the global crisis, so you can sit quietly with yourself and discuss this idea calmly, put the first possibility that tomorrow you will become without a job, you will not sit lost your job Mostly, you have some skills that you can employ in a specific job, even if the income is low, But you can secure the basic needs of your family. During your discussion with yourself, you make the second possibility, and the worst is that you are unemployed and unable to provide the lowest family needs. At this time, you should accept the idea, close your eyes and accept the idea, you are now training your mind on Accept the worst possibility to calm down, and then you have the opportunity to think in a more positive way. You will not be able to completely transform from a personality dominated by negative thinking to a 100% positive personality, But you will become a more positive personality and think in a more positive way than before, in order to increase your chances in life more and be able to deal with the circumstances that occur to you more consciously and intelligently, and this reduces the possibility of reaching the worst possibility. By being in control and in control of matters, I will not be able to control the circumstances that happen in life, but you can control the reaction to these circumstances, and you can come up with solutions and options that protect you from the worst possibility.

negative thinking

The most important ways to eliminate negative thinking for 2020

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negative thinking



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