New Phone 12 Technical specifications 2020

New Phone 12 Technical specifications

New Phone 12 Technical specifications

The expected iPhone 12 will be put on the market at an exorbitant price and without these accessories

Edithia/ USA:

In the context of intense competition between Samsung and Huawei for smartphones, smartphone users made it clear that the American company Apple would take a bold step to raise the percentage of sales and revenues related to the launch of its anticipated « iPhone 12 » phones at favorable prices.

But it seems that the expectations of these users were not correct, as the Fores website reported that the expected iPhone 12 phone, which has the specifications and superhuman features, will be priced at a price that is considered the most expensive in the history of the iPhone devices, which can increase its price by $ 150 more than Expectations.

Among the most prominent features of the iPhone 12, its screen will be 5.4 inches, while the iPhone 12 Plus will have a screen size of 6.1 inches, with the possibility that there will be fundamental changes to the design of the iPhone 12.
With regard to the edges of the iPhone 12, it will be not gooseneck and not circular, but rather flat edges, as is known in the rest of the iPhone phones previously presented.
The increase in the price of the iPhone 12 phone, at a rate of $ 150, has become a controversial matter amongst technology and technology experts, and some of them revealed that the reason for this increase is that the phone has the advantage of the fifth generation network, which is not available in other phones, smartphone users around the world, and as is known. The chip for this network is very expensive.

Apple decided this increase in the price of its expected phone after it announced that it had transferred all the iPhone 12 screens to the more advanced OLED than it used to be from the LCD, and this, in turn, leads to higher costs of manufacturing the phone and thus an increase in its selling price.

Some reports stated that the American company Apple tried to reduce the cost of production of the phone by removing the charger from the phone’s accessories, provided that there is an expectation to provide the phone with a USB connection, that is, the charging cable and data transmission, in order to push the phone’s owners to buy the charger at an additional price.

Also, Apple has reduced the battery power of the iPhone 12, and there will be no AirPods among its much-anticipated phone accessories by users around the world.

New Phone 12 Technical specifications

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New Phone 12 Technical specifications 2020


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