Symptoms of schizophrenia

Symptoms of schizophrenia

Symptoms of schizophrenia are a group of behaviors, thoughts and emotions, the most famous of which are delusions and hallucinations, disorganized speech, and distraction. Early detection of the disease can reduce the condition’s later worsening, and schizophrenia is a serious disease that may lead to suicide. Therefore awareness of symptoms is important for saving anyone close with symptoms of schizophrenia.

Five ways to stop negative thoughts

What is adolescent schizophrenia?

The symptoms of schizophrenia in adolescents are similar to those of adults, but diagnosing them can be difficult. Because the symptoms of schizophrenia are very similar to the normal development of people during adolescence, and the symptoms of schizophrenia in adolescents include the following:
Reducing contact with friends and family.

  • The decline in academic performance.
  • Sleep problems.
  • Depression and nervousness.
  • Loss of motivation.
  • Delusions are not a major symptom of adolescents with schizophrenia, but they are more likely to have visual hallucinations.

How can Schizophrenia affect a person’s life?

The most common symptoms of schizophrenia in adults include:

  • Delusions: People with schizophrenia may think that they are being hurt, that the comments refer to them, that a major disaster is about to occur, or that someone loves them.
  • Hallucinations: People with schizophrenia may see things or hear things that others cannot hear, and hearing voices is the most common type of hallucinations, although they feel and hear everything around them, but the hallucinations are additional.
  • Intellectual disturbances: People with schizophrenia have poor communication with those around them. Because their thinking is disorganized, and their speech is also, and they may talk about meaningless things.
  • Abnormal movement: The behavior of people with schizophrenia does not focus on a specific goal, and it is difficult for them to do something, and they may move movements without meaning.
  • Negative symptoms: They are reduced ability to do any work properly, such as neglecting personal hygiene, or speaking in a monotonous voice.

Multiple schizophrenia

Multiple schizophrenia, or DID, is a psychological response to personal and environmental stressors, especially during the early childhood years. It is an acute form of disintegration that results in a lack of communication between a person’s thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, or sense of identity, and is believed to be caused by Due to a combination of factors such as emotional neglect, abuse during personality development, or trauma, doctors believe that multiple schizophrenia is a coping mechanism; To get rid of a stressful situation or violent experience, which the conscious subject is unable to comprehend.

Schizophrenia and marriage

Love and marriage is difficult for anyone, and mental problems make it even more difficult. Sometimes schizophrenia can cause psychotic behaviors, such as hallucinations, delusions, and illogical thinking, and in advanced cases it is unlikely that the sufferer can love or marry; Because he will face a problem in all activities, and it is difficult for him to show his feelings, and as a result, the injured avoid establishing any relationship, and it is not very suitable for healthy people to engage in a love or marriage relationship with an infected person

Schizophrenia test

There are many schizophrenia tests on the Internet that may include questions about:

  • Hearing or seeing things that other people cannot see.
  • Feeling that someone has control over thoughts and emotions.
  • Doing daily tasks.
  • A feeling of having powers that no one else has.
  • Difficulty organizing thoughts.
  • Difficulty communicating an idea to others.
  • Common to family and friends.
  • The feeling of being tracked or monitored at home and outside.

The symptoms of schizophrenia vary between delusions and irrational thinking, and schizophrenia disrupts daily life and even small activities, and schizophrenia affects people of any age, but it is common after the age of twenty, and many of the sufferers have suicidal thoughts; Therefore, it is important to discover it and take the appropriate medications, and although the treatment is not final, it prevents the development of the condition.


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