The causes of rapid heartbeat 2020

The causes of rapid heartbeat

The causes of rapid heartbeat is one of the most important indicators that indicate the presence of a disease inside the human body, as the rapid heartbeat gives an indication of the body that there is a defect in the work of the metabolic processes, the heartbeat of a healthy person is at a rate of 60 to 100 times per minute, This can also happen as a result of a great effort such as exercising or feeling a strong emotion, whether it is tension, anxiety or excitement towards a situation, so we will through this article to identify the causes of a rapid heartbeat.

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What conditions cause a rapid heart rate?

Some people may feel sudden heart palpitations, resulting from an imbalance in the human body, as it is easy to feel this speed in the heart rate because the normal beats are the ones in which the blood passes in a regular current in the heart, and the rapid pulse in which there is an imbalance in terms of the passage of blood And its acceleration to the heart, and here are the most important causes of a rapid heartbeat:

  • Anemia
    It is an indicator that is directly related to the acceleration of the heartbeat and the presence of disturbances in it, because when anemia is present, the heart pumps more blood than usual, in order to compensate for the lack of oxygen in the blood, and the lack of oxygen in the blood occurs when the hemoglobin responsible for carrying oxygen decreases, which is What is called anemia.
  • Hyperthyroidism
    When the body suffers from hyperthyroidism, this means an increase in the risk to the patient’s health, because this affects all parts of the body, including the heart, as hyperthyroidism leads to rapid heart palpitations and vice versa, so there is a decrease in the heart rate In hypothyroidism, where the heart rate increases with hyperthyroidism due to the overproduction of thyroid hormones.
  • Irregularity of salts in the blood
    The imbalance of hormones in the body leads to salt disorders in the blood, such as a lack of sodium, potassium, and magnesium, or excess calcium, as these salts are very important for the health of the body and its ability to perform its various functions, and also contribute to regulating the heartbeat, and any imbalance in it affects the rate. Normal for the heartbeat.
    Some people may think that salt disorders in the blood are a simple disease, but in fact, they become dangerous if neglected because they affect the health of the heart and body in general.
  • Reduction of Blood pressure
  • One of the most important things that lead to an accelerated heart rate is low blood pressure, as stroke rates increase to maintain blood pressure levels in the body, and for high blood pressure, it affects the heart rate and makes it unstable, because it is caused by severe emotion or anger, which causes acceleration Heartbeat.There are other causes related to heart health, such as hardening and blocking of the arteries, or heart failure.
  • Diabetes
  • Diabetics are more susceptible to heart diseases such as atherosclerosis and heart failure, and this can be explained by the fact that the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels leads to coronary arteriosclerosis, and this often occurs when blood sugar is high
  • Reducing the amount of fluid in the body
  • Lack of fluid intake and dehydration as a result of not drinking enough water leads to an irregular heartbeat, but this cannot be considered a serious disease. When drinking fluids and water regularly, with at least 8 cups per day, the body regains its health and the heartbeat returns to its normal rates.

What do you call when your heart beats fast?

If you experience heart palpitations for temporary reasons, you should do the following:

  • Maintaining calm and comfort: If this acceleration is caused by intense emotion and tension, and therefore you should calm down and move away from the source of this tension, and it is also recommended to change the position in which you are during anger if you are asleep then sit, and if you are sitting then stand, and if you are standing then walk a little .
  • Not carrying heavy loads: Excessive exertion often causes the heartbeat to accelerate, but if it causes pain, you must stop the effort and rest.
  • Usually, you suffer from rapid heart palpitations when you are exercising as a result of great effort, and the likelihood of an accelerated heart rate in people who suffer from heavy weights.
  • Stop drinking caffeine: Drinking caffeinated drinks increases the speed of the heartbeat, as well as medicines. It is advised not to increase the amount of these stimulants and to consume them in moderation so as not to cause harm to the body and the heart.
  • Drinking beneficial fluids: replacing the body with lost fluids, because lack of fluids increases the chances of a rapid heartbeat.
  • Beware of taking medicines: Most medicines have side effects on health, including heart palpitations, so you should not take medicines unless prescribed by a doctor, and also adhere to the specified doses.
  • The moderate use of salts: Too much salt may cause many disturbances in the body, which may lead to heart injury, as it is preferable to reduce them and increase the number of healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits.

The causes of rapid heartbeat

But if the feeling of rapid heartbeat recurs, it is necessary to go to the doctor quickly and see the condition that the patient is going through to start taking the necessary measures and examinations that determine the cause of this problem.

The causes of rapid heartbeat

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The causes of rapid heartbeat

The causes of rapid heartbeat


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