The magic of love and tolerance!

The magic of love and tolerance!

The magic of love and tolerance!

In a person’s life, righteousness is obligatory, but this life cannot be upright without the meaning of love and forgiveness. God has blessed us and created love, and the Almighty commanded His creation with love to obey Him, and the reward is only for the righteous among them with love.

To reach the stage of comprehensive, integrated love, one must first reach To the just and complete tolerance, and from it to the love that will lead and assess the giving in the human soul, for man by nature cannot give without love, integrity and balanced mental health, and he will not be able to love without forgiving and giving without return, as tolerance, giving and love are linked to each other in all Different life situations and situations.

The magic of love and tolerance!


Tolerance is one of the humanitarian principles and it is called (the principle of human tolerance). This principle focuses on the person forgetting the painful events that occurred in his past with his full will and power, and he must give up the desire to harm those around him because of those events, as it must be This abandonment is entirely of his will, the satisfaction of his mind and his love for this abandonment, and diverting his gaze to the advantages of others that support the principle of tolerance in its depths.

Tolerance is considered one of the things that a person can learn easily and easily, but the implementation of that matter is difficult for him since if he thinks about a person who is angry with him and is prolonged by his sadness from him, he wished him well, he will not waste his energy in anger, sadness, and despair, and it is better for him to forgive him with his good mind. He does not have enough time in this life to be wasted and abandon him in distress, sadness, and anger at another person or a certain situation in life.

There are several steps that enable us to reach tolerance, which are:

Perception: Every person must realize that he must only be a tolerant person and that this realization represents fifty percent of the change and restoration of mental health.

Benefit from experiences: the individual must stop at the experiences that he had gone through, and ask himself (did he benefit from that experience?), And if he had learned a new thing by going through the experience, then he must keep the skill that he learned and lived.

Preserving the skill: If a person is able to retain the skill he learned from the experience he went through and lived through, he will learn something new for him and his life, and it will result in the disappearance of negative feelings and feelings.
Trying to get rid of negative feelings and feelings, and this thing leads to entering the path of forgiveness quickly

Action does not come except by making the decision to do the correct behavior, action, and behavior, because thinking at this time will become more disciplined, and the individual will then be able to know what he wants.

The magic of love and tolerance!


This word is abbreviated with many meanings, including that love works miracles, the circles of love revolve in the love of God first, the love of creatures second, the love of the soul third, the love of parents, members of the family of the individual, the love of a person’s work and the love of people, so love is the basis of a person’s life, and it is A great grace from God that He has instilled in man and has been creative in planting it.

The magic of love and tolerance!

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The magic of love and tolerance!

The magic of love and tolerance!


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