Treatment of diseases with natural herbs

Treatment of diseases with natural herbs

Natural herbs are made from plant leaves, roots or seeds, and some of these herbs are used in the treatment of diseases or prevention of infection with them, and it is an essential part of alternative medicine, and herbs have been used in the treatment of diseases for many centuries and in different civilizations such as the Pharaonic civilization, the Indian civilization and the Greek civilization And the ancient Roman civilization and other civilizations in which diseases were treated with natural herbs.

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Treatment of diseases with natural herbs

Natural herbs are used in the form of powder, seeds, oils, or the whole fruit is used according to its type, including what is used orally in the form of capsules or added to different foods or used to make drinks, including what is used as a cream for the body, skin, scalp, and hair, and natural herbs for it Many examples, including those that are beneficial to the body and protect from diseases, and also herbs are very harmful to the body and doctors warn against using them, and natural herbs are used for treatment in many countries and among the most famous countries that use alternative medicine and herbs to treat diseases is the Republic of China, although herbs are a natural product, However, it has side effects if a large amount of it is used or it interferes with other medicines used by the patient or it is from an unreliable source, so it is necessary to consult the attending physician before using any natural herbs.

Benefits of treating diseases with natural herbs

As we mentioned that treating diseases with natural herbs is a common legacy in most countries, and some of these herbs have been proven to have benefits for the body. Among the most famous of these herbs are:

olive oil

Olive oil is made from the extract of the olive fruit and from the seeds, and it is used in cooking food or used as a paint, and it has effectiveness in regulating blood pressure, reducing the level of blood sugar, reducing blood cholesterol, treating constipation and preventing heart disease, and it is also used as an ointment for the scalp and hair in many countries. Good results in nourishing the hair follicles and maintaining the healthy appearance and luster of the hair, olive oil is considered a safe herb to use, unless the patient is advised to consult a doctor in the event that the patient uses olive oil with treatment for high blood pressure or treatment for diabetes only a severe drop in blood pressure or blood sugar occurs.

Bee’s honey

Honey is used as an alternative to sugar to sweeten drinks and foods or as a cream, and it has effectiveness in treating coughs in children aged two years or more, as well as has effectiveness in treating burns and helps heal wounds. Honey is considered one of the completely safe products for adults as it is safe for children over two years old. And it is not recommended to use bee honey for children under the age of one year, and it is also advised not to use a large amount of it for diabetics due to the possibility of increasing the level of sugar in the blood.

What is the side effect of herbal medicine?

Although there are many benefits of some herbs, there are harmful and toxic herbs that may cause serious problems to human health, and beneficial herbs are not recommended to be consumed in large quantities because of their side effects. There are herbs that work on drug interactions and others that irritate the stomach and digestive system in case Consuming it continuously or in a large quantity, and there are herbs also cause an increase in blood flow and then increase the possibility of bleeding, and there are other herbs that cause a decrease in the level of blood sugar, especially if they are used with insulin or with any treatment for diabetes, and there are types that cause a decrease in the level of blood pressure if it Use with high blood pressure medications.


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