Types of headaches behind the head 2020

Types of headaches behind the head

One of the most common complaints is the complaint of headaches behind the head, as many people suffer from it, of different ages and genders, and this headache may prevent some from completing their daily tasks and disrupting them from work, but there are many types of headaches behind the head and each type has its own reasons. We have the most common types of headaches behind the head and their causes.

What is a headache

A headache is a feeling of pain that occurs in the head in several areas of them, but a place of special significance, where every place can suggest a deficiency within the human body, and one of the most painful headaches is a headache behind the head with all of its consciousness, which will be discussed in this article later.

Some people may resort to analgesics that the human body may not respond to sometimes, which forces them to go to the doctor because of the increased fear of this headache, and some of them may go to a specialist doctor or a specialist in neurological diseases.

Types of headaches behind the head

It is important to know the type of headache you suffer from in order to determine the best type of treatment and to benefit from its effectiveness because there are drugs that may be effective for one type of headache and not effective for another type.

One of the reasons behind feeling a headache behind the head is.

  • Tension headache.
  • Spinal cord headache.

Tension headache

Tension headache is the second most severe type of headache after a migraine, and it is also called a hat headache, where a person feels as if his head is tied with a tight ligament, the pain is at its onset as pressure, and it can develop later to last for hours or days, and respond to physical therapy or analgesics Where it is less painful than migraine, and there are several causes of tension headache, including.

  • Lack of rest.
  • Depression and mental stress.
  • Bad psychological.
  • Return to the atmosphere of study or work again.
  • Pressure tests.
  • Psychological tension.
  • Live the competition.
  • Having children.

Types of tension headaches

Types of tension headaches are classified according to the time that this headache may take.

There are two types of tension headache, which are.
  • Accidental tension headache: This headache is in the form of headaches for a period of at least three months, and each attack can last from half an hour to a week and repeat for more than fifteen days a month.
  • Chronic tension headache: It is also symptomatic in the form of headaches for a period of at least three months, but that lasts for many hours and may not stop.

Tension headache treatment

The pain of tension headaches is difficult to bear, which leads people to resort to trying all possible treatments in the hope of curing and getting rid of this severe pain, and these treatments.

  • Resorting to over-the-counter painkillers.
  • Practice relaxation exercises with music or mental pictures.

Spinal cord headache

A headache in the spinal cord affects approximately 35% of people who suffer from a perforation of the lumbar vertebrae, and this headache usually lasts from a few hours to several days, and this headache also begins to recede when the person is lying down, and it worsens and pain when he is in the standing position Or sitting, one of the causes of a spinal cord headache, next.

One of the most common causes of a spinal cord headache is a hole in the lumbar hernia.
Headaches are sometimes caused by fluid leaking into the spine.
The cyst is torn on the spinal love.
Face or head injury, or skull fracture.

Spinal cord headache treatment

After we have mentioned the causes of spinal cord headache that can only be discovered with analyzes carried out by specialists, here are some suggested treatments for the treatment of myeloma.

Drink a lot of water.
Lie back and relax.
Take painkillers.

Doctors may sometimes resort to a procedure called a blood patch.
Often the headaches that you suffer from are occasional or for a short period of time, your body may urgently need to drink fluids or relax and rest, and headaches can be treated by traditional methods without resorting to a doctor or specialist, but beware of over-taking painkillers.

Types of headaches behind the head

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Types of headaches behind the head


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