What is the new update in fortnite for 2020 ?


How to update Fortnite on a computer?

Updates are received with some hesitation, and in fact, Fortnite developers periodically provide updates available to improve the gameplay experience or solve some technical issues, so it is important for players to install them in time.

If you are playing in a provider through a Windows or Mac computer, updating the game is very simple. Epic Games Launcher ensures that the games purchased and downloaded, including Fortnite, are updated, but it may happen that these updates do not occur due to a malfunction of an option in the program or Maybe there are other problems, to verify that automatic updates are active, you should start the Epic Games Launcher and click on the entry Settings, which you can get in the side menu in the new screen that is displayed, and scroll through the various configuration items until you find the section Manage games, then after So, make sure the box for Allow automatic updates is active, so that all games are installed through which Epic Game Launcher is constantly updated, then click on the Fortnite item, which you can find directly below, and make sure the box is checked in Fortnite automatic update, but if it is disabled it will Update all games except for Fortnite, or you can enable updates for Fortnite directly from the Library section, which can be accessed through the menu items in the Launcher sidebar, then click on this section and press The gear icon is located next to the Fortnite thumbnail, in the box that you see on the screen, move the lever from OFF to ON at the entrance Automatic Updates, if you are having trouble downloading updates, make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.

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