What is the right age for skin care and the five essentials of skin care

What is the right age for skin care and the five essentials of skin care

What are the right age for skincare and the five essentials of skincare
What is the appropriate age for caring for the skin is a common question that needs a detailed and clear answer, and this is what we will address in this article, as preserving the beauty, vitality, and freshness of the skin is a foregone conclusion, so we will also present the most important basics of skincare.

What is the right age to pay attention to the skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it must be taken care of, whether it is in the teens or the age of fifty, following a healthy skin routine helps reduce the damage that may be caused to it, and maintains its healthy, bright and beautiful appearance, and you should not wait for skin problems to appear To start thinking about taking care of it, rather it is preferable to take care of it at any time and at any age, and what is needed to care for skin at the age of fifteen is not the same as what is needed for care at the age of 45, because the needs of the skin change over the years, so the skin care routine must be changed from a period Another, to meet the complexion’s needs increasing over time.

What you need for a good skin care routine?

Regardless of different skin types, and different skin ages, there are a set of basics that must be followed constantly to maintain the freshness and vitality of the skin, including the following:

  • Use a sunscreen, even in winter, as it protects against damage from the rays from the sun.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, and wear hat and sunglasses.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Maintain skin moisture, using appropriate creams.
  • Wash the skin gently every day, with the removal of cosmetics from the face, before going to sleep.
  • Teen skin care

In adolescence, hormone levels change in the body, which leads to an increase in the secretion of oils and fats in the skin, and this is what makes teenage skin prone to pimples, blackheads, in addition to the shine of the skin.

Here are some tips for a teenage girl to protect her skin:
Washing the skin daily to remove the excess fat, but you should be careful not to wash the skin more often, so that this does not lead to dry skin and increase cracks.
Choose a cleanser containing salicylic acid to control oil production and increase hydration.
Always wear sunscreen when going outdoors.

Skin care at the age of fifty and over

After the age of fifty and over, collagen stores begin to decline in the skin, so it is necessary at this stage to focus on deep moisturizing the skin, as at this age stage the appearance of spider veins and enlarged pores significantly, and here are some tips for skin care at the age of fifty:

Continuously cleanse and moisturize the skin with a moisture-locking cream.
Find an anti-wrinkle eye cream, or an eye lift and firming cream.
Look for products that improve the appearance of wrinkles, and these products should contain vitamin C, hydroxy acids, and coenzyme Q10, in addition to tea extracts and grape seed extract.

How can I identify my skin type?

The type of skin depends on a set of factors, which is the amount of water in the skin, which affects the elasticity of the skin, and also the type of skin depends on the amount of fatty substances and oils in the skin, which affects its smoothness and sensitivity, and the types of skin are divided according to these factors into the following:

  • Normal skin: This type of medium skin is not dry and not oily, and its advantages are that it contains fewer imperfections, its pores are very few, not sensitive, and it is distinguished by its bright appearance.
  • Mixed skin: It can be dry or normal in some areas, and oily in other areas, such as the T area of ​​the face, and it represents the T area (nose, forehead, and chin), and one of the advantages of mixed skin is that it has clear pores, and pimples appear in it, and it is characterized by being shiny in T.
  • Dry skin: skin with invisible pores, dull skin and rough texture, and contains red spots and clear wrinkles, and dry skin problems can increase due to several factors, namely genetics, aging, hormonal changes, weather, long hot baths, in addition to The wrong use of the type of soap or cosmetics, and one of the causes of dry skin problems is the use of some types of medicines that cause dryness of the skin, such as Roatan.
  • Oily skin: one of its most important features is large pores, and that it is shiny skin, and contains blackheads, pimples, and impurities, and among the reasons that can increase the problems of oily skin are puberty, hormonal changes, stress, and anxiety, heat or excessive moisture.

Skin care methods according to their type

Skin types differ from one person to another, as we explained earlier, regardless that each type needs special care, but all skin types need a daily health routine to take care of them of different types, and this routine is that you must get plenty of sleep and rest, in addition to Take exercise, eat healthy food, and drink plenty of water.

What is the best way to moisturize dry skin?

Methods for caring for dry skin are as follows:

  • Showers for a short time, not more than once a day.
  • Use a mild cleansing soap.
  • Do not rub too hard while showering, and when drying.
  • Apply a suitable moisturizer immediately after showering.
  • Wear gloves when cleaning and using chemical cleaners.
  • Methods for oily skin care
  • Methods of caring for oily skin are as follows:
  • Do not wash it more than twice a day, or after sweating.
  • Use a gentle cleanser suitable for oily skin.
  • Not to tamper with the blisters or squeeze them, because this leads to their need for a longer time to heal.
  • Use products that do not clog pores.

In conclusion of this article, we note that the question of what age is appropriate for caring for the skin has been answered, in addition to a presentation of the most important skin care methods, including the basics, some according to age, and some according to the type of skin.

What is the right age for skin care and the five essentials of skin care

What is the right age for skin care and the five essentials of skin care

What is the right age for skin care and the five essentials of skin care


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