Why I am not losing weight even though I am exercising and eating right 2020?

Why I am not losing weight even though I am exercising and eating right

Why I am not losing weight even though I am exercising and eating right, so they are very surprised when you follow a harsh diet without a tangible result in losing weight, when a person begins to follow a diet that is not suitable for him, and does not persist in exercising in addition to some other wrong practices, he Weight stability exhibition, we take you on a quick tour of the causes of weight stability, and some tips to help you lose extra weight.

Why do I stay the same weight?

Calories are the main factor controlling weight gain, decrease, or stability, and the body needs a certain number of calories to function normally.

Any increase in the number of calories from what the body requires turns into fat, which increases the weight, and in the event that the body burns more calories than it needs, the weight will decrease significantly.

A person can lose weight when following a specific calorie diet, in addition to exercising regularly, but there are some factors that may hinder this and cause weight stability, so the person becomes bored and stops the diet.

Reasons for weight stability

There are many factors that cause weight to remain stable at a certain level despite the persistence of the diet, and here are the most important reasons for weight stability:

  • Exercising without dieting
    In order to lose weight in a healthy way, you must burn more calories than you consume, and although exercise is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, it will not work without following a low-calorie diet.

Recent research revealed that the lack of a healthy diet, along with exercise, hinders weight loss.

Among the easiest and best physical activities that you can do is housework, as well as climbing stairs and walking, because it burns calories in a great way, and you can do it easily without the need to go to the gym.

The importance of exercising is that it is not possible to lose weight without a significant decrease in calories, but you must beware of increasing the amount of food eaten after exercising, because this causes weight gain and not loss.

  • Adopting an unhealthy diet
    Many diets are not based on a clear scientific system, which may cause the opposite result and turn from loss to weight gain, which results in serious health problems that put your life at risk.

There are some diets that significantly reduce weight, but that lost weight is not fat, but water and muscles, so you will not find a clear change in the size of the body, and it is also easy to gain the lost weight in a short time, so you find yourself in front of a big problem, and you return to the zero point once Other.

The diet should be varied and balanced, and rely on consuming fewer calories, but without setting strict rules for any food product.

  • Drink sugary drinks
    Drinking a large amount of sugary drinks, or consuming white sugar in abundance, prevents weight loss, as recent research revealed that the amount of sugar consumed in the diet affects weight gain, so you should stay away from sugary drinks that are high in calories in order to lose weight effectively.

In contrast to other foods and drinks, sugary drinks provide the body with a large amount of energy, which prompts you to eat it in large amounts without caution, which may end up developing diabetes and obesity, as well as cardiovascular disease.

Reducing or abstaining from sugary drinks helps promote easy weight loss, and maintains body composition.

  • Lack of sleep
    Not getting enough sleep greatly affects weight loss, as studies and research show that fewer hours of sleep increases the risk of diabetes and obesity, and lack of sleep increases hunger.

In a study of nearly 500 obese people, bedtime was an important predictor of successful weight loss, while on the contrary, stress caused weight gain.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults who fall between the ages of 18 and 65 need sleep for a period of 7 to 9 hours, while the elderly need 8 continuous hours of sleep in order to stay healthy.

What is the best method to burn belly fat?

Here is a set of tips that help you lose weight in the least possible time:

  • Drink a glass of water before any meal.
  • Include eggs as an essential food ingredient in breakfast.
  • Make sure to drink coffee and green tea daily without sugar.
  • Limit the amount of white sugar you eat.
  • Reducing carbohydrates as much as possible.
  • Treating weight loss and stability
  • The treatment for the stability of weight and not falling off is to resist the causes that maintain weight stability, so follow the following:
  • Use small plates when eating to help you eat less food, thus reducing calories gained.
  • Calculating the calories the body needs, and eating foods that give you less than those calories your body needs.
  • When feeling hungry, eat healthy foods that are rich in dietary fiber and stay away from meals full of fat and carbohydrates. Examples of useful meals are fruits, nuts, carrots, and boiled eggs.
  • Eating spicy foods boosts the metabolism process, thus increasing the calorie burning rate.
  • Exercising regularly, which helps you get rid of localized fat in some parts of the body, such as the rumen and thighs.
  • Eating protein-rich foods promotes weight loss, so be sure to include protein as an essential component of your daily diet.
  • Avoid soft drinks and sugar-rich drinks.
  • Chew food slowly so that you eat less food.

Why I am not losing weight even though I am exercising and eating right

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Why I am not losing weight even though I am exercising and eating right?

Why I am not losing weight even though I am exercising and eating right


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