Why is Venezuela’s currency collapsing?

Why is Venezuela's currency collapsing?

Why is Venezuela’s currency collapsing?

In the recent period, the search for the Venezuelan crisis and how to solve it has increased, the sanctions imposed on it by the United States of America, how the Venezuelan president dealt with it, and what caused these crises, this is what we will discuss in this article.

What Venezuela is known for?

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is located on the northern coast of South America and is characterized by great geographical diversity, as it includes the Andes mountains in the past, to the Amazon forests in the south, as well as the huge Janus plains and the Caribbean coast and many more.
Venezuela enjoys a diverse climate due to the diversity of its geographical topography, as it possesses huge quantities of oil and other natural resources, but with the multiplicity of crises and conflicts that the country faces, on the one hand, its internal crisis and the division it suffers from, and on the other hand, its struggle with the United States What was the age of these crises?

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