Why is Venezuela’s currency collapsing?


Why is Venezuela in crisis?

In 2010 a social, political, and economic crisis began in Venezuela, due to government corruption, economic recession, social problems, tyranny, violation of human rights in addition to political conflict.

The United States of America supported the separatist militias that were formed in Venezuela, which announced that they aim to improve the situation in the country.
The Venezuelan President promised Nicolas Maduro his support for the United States to intervene in the country’s affairs, and expelled the American representative, which sparked the conflict between the two countries.

The United States of America imposed many sanctions on Venezuela, which led to a decrease in oil prices in the country, and an increase in the size of the economic recession facing it. Venezuela could not but ignore the internal crisis it faces and reduces expenditures as much as possible, which did not work at all, but rather And it got worse!

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